Did I miss December??

Apparently so. November, gone. December, whoosh!


I do have a good reason… the past few weeks I’ve been ramping up to take on my new position as manager of the communications department. Yeah! This is very exciting news! Lots to do, though. And lots to think about, plan for, all that good stuff. I’m hopeful things will cool down in a few months, once we get through the ‘busy season’ and get another full time staffer up and running (that’d make us four full time, one part time — a good sized crew).

Unfortunately, the I didn’t get a single spare second to review my chapter books. Considering how things are looking, I may not get to them until March.

In the meantime, I’ll try to squeeze in some promo of my Writer’s Plan website, write the occasional blog, maintain my modest web presence and draw upon the virtue I so often seem to need: patience.


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Just capturing some of my side projects here at this point, but planning to add a few more from my communications work soon…

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