Manga Memoirs

A Harvard review? Sweet!

May 17, 2010

Just learned today that neiman storyboard – which looks to be a story process blog from the school of journalism at Harvard – has done a review of the Manga Memoirs project.

It’s interesting to see how a disinterested third party views the project, particularly in the context of “memoirs and manga.”  Check it out here.

I can’t really say I’d read any memoirs or biographies in a manga, comic or even graphic novel format before tackling my “Traveller” piece, which was chosen for the first Manga Memoirs anthology. But now, having seen the finished version of the anthology, I can say that the result is most engaging and I would be tempted to pick up other, similar memoirs.

If you haven’t read the Manga Memoirs Volume 1, head on over to the website now and check it out. And… perhaps think of your own manga memoir for volume 2.

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