It’s been a while since I’ve been active online, at least for my personal writing. It’s funny, but things really do seem to flow more readily at different times. After many months reading, thinking, dreaming, etc., it all coalesced recently with the decision to take my kids chapter books and publish them myself online.

Today, I set up a new domain for the brand I’ll publish under… Bright Green Books. Nothing there now! But some basics will be there in the next few weeks or months, depending on whether I decide to publish before or after my extended summer vacation.

What’s happening now, besides the website? The first chapters for the two chapter books, Mystery of the Scarlet Cat and Mystery of the Tin Can Bandit, have been revised, based on some feedback from potential publishers. Soon, I’ll put the revisions up on this site. Also, there’s a promising young artist who is working on a cover illustration… I’m very excited about that!

And then, I’ve been reading until my eyes hurt about the world of ePublishing and am very grateful for a number of resources that I’ve come across, which I’ll probably list in a future blog. But, as an aside, I’ve been capturing all the info I’ve come across in a great tool called Evernote. I can store all kinds of content from whatever device I’m on (desktop, netbook, android phone) and it all goes into my Evernote account and I can reference it from anywhere. It’s great!

More another day, but am happy to be moving forward once again.