The Continuum Comic is now in my hands! And I gotta say, the thrill of seeing the finished product is always great, it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a comic, or a book, or an article, or, to be honest, a clean house! I love finishing.

This project was very cool. I loved getting a bit of inside info on the Continuum series before it launched, like how things progressed to create the future world,  knowledge of Kiera’s past. When the series launched, it was exciting to see this world and Kiera come alive.

This time around, when I handed off the script, I didn’t get any peeks into the production and had no idea who the artists would be. What a fantastic surprise that they chose Patricio Plaza, who illustrated my very first comic, Rip Current. Thanks also to Jeffrey Jang, Ed Brisson, Jeremy Smith and of course, Morgan Jeske and Ryan Nadel, who are both always a pleasure to work with. Thanks for thinking of me!