It’s been a good summer. Busy, but not much travel. On the days when I haven’t been at work, I would wake up, get my coffee and breakfast and sit out in my gazebo and write.

I’d write until I’d done 1,000 words. Then stop and go about my day. It’s been such a treat.

Starting Monday, vacation time will be done. I’ll be back to early mornings, work, school for the kids, and of course an assortment of other activities and commitments.

I’m going to miss my mornings writing in the gazebo. I wonder how I’ll incorporate writing into my daily routine.

It’s sad to consider the reality that I won’t be able to keep up the same pace but I’m grateful to have had a chance to build some momentum.

Perhaps I’ll squeeze in some time at the start of the day but if that’s that case, it’s going to be darker and colder out in my gazebo! We’ll see how long I’ll last before moving inside.

Wish me luck.