It’s been a busy few months, but the publishing efforts continue. Quick follow-up: yes, decided to go direct to Kindle/Amazon for Spy Skills for Girls, which is turning into a steady two books per day in sales. Barnes & Noble sales seemed to stop as of February 4, for some odd reason, after daily reported sales and Kobo is still not reporting properly. I also decided to do premium PDF versions and sell them directly through the Bright Green Books website.

Just published the first of the Tri-City Mystery series: Mystery of the Scarlet Cat. It’s live on Amazon… still no sales there and wow, what a trick to actually finding it. There is no “New Release” quick search for Kindle books and so the Scarlet Cat launched about ten pages into a search for Kindle Books>Children’s Chapter Books>Mysteries based on Publication Date, after a slew of Nancy Drew and other “pre-orders” from the big publishers that extend all the way into August of this year. Hopefully, that won’t be the case in other retailer sites. We’ll see in the next few weeks.

The other two Tri-City Mysteries will be released shortly, and then once all three are out, I’ll explore a more aggressive promotional campaign for them.