Last post, I talked about my journey into “fast writing.”

All I can say, is what a blast!

Since starting this experiment, I’ve finished off a manuscript by writing about 35,000 words – 25,000 of those words in one week. The average has been around 800 words/hr – a bit slower than the 1,000 words/hr I initially reported. Things slowed down a bit as I got into the climax of the novel and when I worked for several hours in a row.

I’ve now gone back and re-read the entire manuscript (about 92,000 words). The great news, is how much I love it! The ending, all the stuff I wrote while fast writing, is very solid and needs very little clean up. Now, all I need to do is swing back through and make sure the right seeds are planted at the right time, that I’ve been consistent (does he have brown eyes or blue?) and fix typos.

I’ve got the whole thing set up in Scrivener, and am set to start the clean-up; then it’s off to some beta readers (which I need to recruit!).

What’s fabulous about this experiment, is learning that it IS possible to write well and write fast at the same time. Suddenly, all those stories I want to write are within reach.

Best of all, it’s super fun writing this way. :D