It’s official now! Spy Skills for Girls has been published by Bright Green Books! You can buy it now on Smashwords, and soon to be distributed to Kobo, B&N, Apple and more.

Here’s how the last pieces have gone…

I reformatted and uploaded through Smashwords. If you follow their instructions, which are very detailed, I’m sure you will have no problem. Mine went through the first time, no problems. But I did see some things that I wanted to change. So I did go back in and assign “Page Breaks” before my chapter heads.

The ISBNs…. ! I messed up the first time I tried to assign them via CISS, because I did not exactly follow the instructions CISS sent me! How ironic. I had tried to add/change too much information. They said to only fill out five fields, but I did more than that. And it didn’t work. I followed the instructions this time around and voila! ISBNs. So, went back over to Smashwords to assign one to Spy Skills for Girls. Now, it’s pending approval for their Premium Catalogue.

Next steps… deciding whether to go directly through Kindle/Amazon for the Kindle version of the book, whether I want to sell a premium PDF version through my Bright Green Books website and how to best promote the books leading into Christmas.