Rip Current
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Follow Lucia as she battles enemy raiders and discovers a strange and exotic creature deep under the ocean! Visit the official community, read the comic, become a fan and help determine the future for Lucia AND for Rip Current.

Rip Current is the first of my comics to be published, through Zeros 2 Heroes Media (Z2H). This comic was pitched to an online community of comic writers, artists and fans and voted to be one of twelve books published in 2008 as part of Canada: Comic Creation Nation. Thanks very much to Telefilm for funding this project.



See Traveller!

Traveller, another of my comics, was chosen to be included in Manga Memoirs, Volume One. This true story follows my travels as well as those of a silkworm cocoon character given to me by a childhood friend.


Pashanata / The Dream Detectives

Check out the Pashanata / Dream Detectives comic I worked on in 2010 and follow Anna and Callum as they dream their way back into each other’s lives.

After the comic, play the ARG, with clues scattered across blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Can you figure out what Kronstad is after? What will happen to Anna and Callum?



Continuum was fun… I got to work on this before the series launched and so had some early intel on the main characters.

This comic was a tie-in to the series, with eight “episodes” providing some backstory about Kiera.I wrote the Retreat episode.

And, for those with a sharp eye, the artist, Patricio Plaza, also worked on my first comic, Rip Current.