Pashanata – The Dream Detectives

The Dream Detectives / Pashanata comic is one piece of a larger project to launch a webseries, using social media, a custom app, an alternate reality game (ARG) and an mixed-reality comic at New York Comic Con in 2010.

The webseries featured Aaron Street, a petty thief who sees murders when he dreams. This launch project needed to create interest for the webseries, but could not include the main characters involved in the webseries. This side-story follows Anna and Callum, lovers who have split up to pursue their own careers. When their dreams become filled with visions that the other is in danger, they’re drawn back together. Through his dreams, Aaron Street knows what’s going on and tries to reach them before it’s too late.

This comic was a flip comic, with Anna’s story, Pashanata, told from one side, and Callum’s story, The Dream Detectives told from the other, both meeting in the middle spread. The comic included QR codes and other clues to help solve the ARG.

Creator: Keith Turner

Writer: Carmen Wright

ARG Designer: Ryan Nadel

Pencils, Inks, Cover art and center spread (Pashanata): Richard Pace

Colors (Pashanata): Ian Sokoliwski

Pencils (The Dream Detective): Craig Shepard

Inks (The Dream Detective): Diana Greenhalgh, Steve Sprayson

Colors: Stephen R. Buell

Editor: Robert Parizek

Publisher: Zeros to Heroes Media

Published: 2010 NYCC Exclusive



And some select pages from the The Dream Detective side of the comic…