Traveller is a short comic,¬†published in an anthology called¬†Manga Memoirs, which captures real life memoirs about moments of cross-cultural intersections of Japanese-Canadian culture. This is the true story of how I have kept a gift from a childhood friend, a silk worm cocoon, through my many moves, and how we met again as adults. My personal experimentation with this script, was to tell the story using only the visuals and captions – no dialogue – and I’m very happy with the result!

Creator/Writer: Carmen Wright

Pencils/Inks: Maria Miel Daroqui

Tones: Aya Barry

Letters: Ed Brisson

Editor: Morgan Jeske

Publisher: Zeros to Heroes Media

Published: 2009


Read the full comic in the deluxe reader, with peel-away pages to see the various stages of the artwork, on The Manga Memoirs website.